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Friday, 12 August 2011 19:10

These are specialist sessions where small groups of 5-10 Members work on a particular topic in more detail, and are usually heldĀ on Wednesday evenings.

Here are the subjects for 2012:

Date Topic
25-Jan-2012 Contest logging with the Minos program, with M0ICK & G6GVI
22-Feb-2012 CW Workshop, with G4HGI & G0CTO
14-Mar-2012 CW practice session
27-Sep-2012 Microwave recipes: projects for the 3, 6, 9 & 13cm bands
24-Oct-2012 "Pocket-money SDR" and APRS, with G6GVI
28-Nov-2012 More Tests & Measurements, with G8DTF & G4MVU

And these are the topics which we tackled in 2011:

Date Topic
2-Feb-2011 Amateur television on the microwave bands, with G7ROM & G6GVI
23-Feb-2011 FM-ATV on 23cm, with G6GVI
2-Mar-2011 RF power measurements and spectrum analysis, with G8DTF
23-Mar-2011 ATV facilities from the BATC, with G1AEQ
6-Apr-2011 FM-ATV on 13cm, with G6GVI
27-Apr-2011 Digital-ATV techniques, with G7LWT
4-May-2011 Dutch Doppler DF project, with G6GVI & G0CTO
25-May-2011 WBFM on the 10GHz band, with G8DTF & G6GVI
1-Jun-2011 Software for the sound-card Doppler system
22-Jun-2011 10GHz and 3DF project testing
6-Jul-2011 10GHz field-tests (outdoors)
7-Sep-2011 Microwave projects for the 9, 6 & 3cm bands, with G4MVU, G8DTF & G6GVI
28-Sep-2011 Microwave projects for the 9, 6 & 3cm bands, with G4MVU, G8DTF & G6GVI
5-Oct-2011 Operating on 160m, with G6GVI et al
26-Oct-2011 Build your own antennas for VHF and MF, with M0ICK & G6GVI (pictured above)
2-Nov-2011 Software-defined radio, with G4HYG & G6GVI
23-Nov-2011 Build your own VHF antennas, with M0ICK

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