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The Club runs courses to help our Members and anyone with an interest in amateur radio progress through their Radio Communications Exams, and we have a very high success rate from our students to date.

Our home at the Ladybridge Community Centre is an RSGB Registered Examination Centre, and we're hosting Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Exams there every year.




Intermediate Course

Start 1st August 2019 for 10 weeks.

Please contact me by email   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call me on 07817 308155  to enroll, or for further information.

Paul Sephton : Exam Secretary

The Advanced Licence course is organised as a distance learning exercise by Steve G0FUW (located in Bath), with Ian, Mark and Glenn providing support as required locally. Our candidates will sit their exam at the Club as usual.
Candidates will need to register with Steve at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (please mention that you are from Bolton Wireless Club), but there are only a limited number of places available.

Successful foundation candidates May 2012:- Stephen M6BRP, Derek M6BRM and Mark M6OSX

With our Foundation Licence Training Courses, we have got six new M6s on the air in 2008, another seven in 2009, four in 2010, and four more in 2011.

Having completed the course, the successful candidates are able to obtain their Foundation Licences, which gives them access to most of the Amateur bands with 10 watts of power: this is sufficient to make worldwide contacts, or join in local radio nets with our Members.

We've also had success with our Intermediate Licence Training Courses where almost all candidates passed at their first attempt.

The Club will be running further courses for the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Licences, as detailed below.
These are held in the evenings (from 7pm) at the Britannia Hotel, Beaumont Road, Bolton.

These classes are dedicated training evenings, some of which include practical assessments and demonstrations.

The cost of the courses vary with the number of candidates enrolled, and there is a minimum number of candidates required for us to put on a course. Please contact the Training Officer for more information. Details below.

We do encourage all candidates to join the Bolton Wireless Club and come along to our Monday-night meetings where they can learn even more about Amateur radio.

Course Dates Successes
Intermediate Licence Exam on 11-Aug-2008 1/1
Foundation Licence Alternate Mondays, 28-Jul to 20-Oct-2008 2/2
Foundation Licence Mondays, 27-Oct to 8-Dec-2008 4/5
Intermediate Licence Mondays, 3-Nov-2008 to 26-Jan-2009 2/2
Advanced Licence Exam on 3-Feb-2009 1/1
Intermediate Licence Exam on 30-Mar-2009 1/1
Foundation Licence Exam on 20-Apr-2009 1/1
Foundation Licence Mondays, 25-May to 13-Jul-2009 5/5
Foundation Licence Mondays, Sep-Oct 2009 1/1
Intermediate Licence Mondays, Sep-Dec 2009 5/6
Advanced Licence Exam on 2-Feb-2010 1/1
Foundation Licence Thursdays, Mar-Apr 2010 4/6
Intermediate Licence Thursdays, 8-Jul to 16-Sep-2010 3/3
Foundation Licence Thursdays, 28-Apr to 2-Jun-2011
Intermediate Licence Thursdays, 28-Jul to 6-Oct-2011 5/5
Foundation Licence Thursdays, 19th Jan to 23rd Feb 2012 3/3
Intermediate Licence Exam on 31-Jan-2012 1/1
Advanced Licence Exam on 31-Jan-2012 1/1
Foundation Licence Thurdays from 29th March to 12th April 2012 3/3
Intermediate Licence Thurdays  7th June 2012 to 16th August 2012 4/4
Full Licence BBADL Course Exam Friday 6th July. 2012 4/4
Foundation Licence Thursday 8th November to 20th December 2012 2/3
Full Licence Thursdays October 11th 2012  to March 2nd 2013 3/3
Foundation Licence Thursdays Feb 28th to March 28th 2013 3/3
Intermediate Licence



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